Shopping for Cathy.

Well, I stumbled upon another estate sale this weekend.  This one was in NE Seattle and seemed fairly pedestrian…until I got to the basement.  And in the basement was room after room, lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves – all packed with cookbooks.  Like, hundreds of cookbooks.  Maybe thousands.  I don’t think this woman was actually cooking from them, I think she just collected them as a hobby.  Or maybe a sickness.

Anyway, I had to really restrain myself.  As some of you know, I have just within the last few years really gotten a handle on my own cookbook addiction.  I wanted very badly to purchase the full Time-Life sets, the Better Homes and Gardens cooking encyclopedias, etc…but I was restrained by how much I could carry.  I limited myself to just a few books and cooking pamphlets.

Including these offerings that I thought would make good fodder for Cathy recipes.

But as I was taking this picture, Kona decided that she wanted to be part of the Cathy Cake Club too.

So if there’s hair in the cake, it’s not my fault.


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