Cathy’s Second Baby Shower.

Cathy got to make her second baby shower appearance last weekend when we drove down to Vancouver, WA for Siobhan’s baby shower.  I wasn’t sure if I should make the cake here on the night before driving down, or if I should bake it on the premises.  Knowing the mess I tend to make while decorating Cathy, I decided that the best thing to do was decorate it in a familiar environment.

I asked Siobhan’s husband Tad what her favorite kind of cake is, and he responded with “Chocolate”.  Well, that took care of the layer flavor (and I knew I was going to make two layers, like I did for Sarah’s shower cake) – but what about the filling and icing? Despite the risk of encountering a guest with a peanut allergy (seriously, I did consider this possibility), I went with a peanut butter buttercream filling.  And I decided to make the same white chocolate buttercream that I used for Sarah’s cake, because it was yummy and made a LOT.

So.  First Cathy layer is cooling on the rack – and she’s got a CRACK.

A crack in the head.  Well, of course this freaks me out.  I’m having flashbacks to the candy cane Cathy disaster.  But I must press on with the next layer.

And when you’re feeling stressed, there’s nothing like a little chocolate to release some calming endorphins (or whatever – look, I’m not a doctor).

Then it was time to shave down Cathy’s bottom layer.

And slather her with peanut butter buttercream.  I shouldn’t have halved the recipe, because I barely had enough.  I used Ina Garten’s peanut butter frosting recipe, found here.

Next came the white chocolate buttercream.  It’s always good to taste a little as you go along so that you know it tastes good!

Fluffy, buttery clouds.

And then I went to Icing Tinting Town, pre-coloring all the shades I thought I might need.  This was a new strategy for me and I think it worked really well and kept me from being too frantic.

Laying one Cathy on top of another is always nervewracking…

And finally, I was decorating!

At this point my photographer quietly walked out of the room, walked into the bedroom, collapsed onto the bed and promptly fell asleep.  So quickly that he didn’t respond to my confused “Tim?” that I called out 30 seconds after he left the room.  So I took the next photo when I was all finished.

She has an octopus and fish because the baby’s nursery is “Under the Sea” themed.  Here, check out her girth!  The “mirrored” surface makes her look extra big!

And THEN we needed a solution to the transportation issue.  We ended up laying Cathy on the floor of the Subaru hatch and covering her with Rubbermaid under-bed container turned upside down.  It worked GREAT.

She arrived completely intact and completely delicious.  Another Cathy success!


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