I Forgot About Easter.

In preparation for writing my post about Cathy’s second baby shower appearance, I stumbled across these photos that I had forgotten to upload.  That’s right – there was a very special Easter Cathy, a.k.a. Jessica’s Third Annual Easter Eggstravaganza cake.

Yes, this is the third Easter cake that I’ve made solely for the purpose of letting Aiden and Elsie go crazy with the candy decorations.

The first one was shaped like a round plug of earth, seemingly plucked from the earth of some magical garden with a round sod cutter.  Or so I wished.  It mostly just looked like green cake with candy on it, but we had a good time decorating it.

The Second Easter Eggstravaganza Cake was – and I really thought outside of the box here – shaped like a big egg.  I baked a 13″x9″ cake and then shaved it down with a knife to make it look like an egg.  The kids had a particularly good time decorating this one.

ShrekElsie was proud of her work.

Yes, those are pink marshmallows around the outside of the cake.

So this year we took much the same approach, but with Cathy.  And the results were…predictable.

Between bites, Tim said, “This doesn’t taste very good with all this candy on here”.  Sadly true.

I am open to suggestions for next year’s cake.


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